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Frakkin Eh
Before you go any further it should be clearly noted that I am not a writer.  I simply read a story on survival instinct that was an answer to a challenge.  I enjoyed the story very much and kept thinking about it.  So, for whatever reason, something took hold of me and I decided to write my own answer to that challenge and post it.    That was my first fic, which I have since taken down because it wasn't very good.  The story was good, but the writing was terrible.  My intention is to re-work it and re-post...  some day.  

Then I came up with an idea for another story posted it Survival Instinct.  My Penname on Survival Instinct is 'Noname'...  yeah yeah I know,  REAL original.  When I created the account I had never ever written anything and I had no intentions on posting a story so it didn't really matter to me at the time.

I only have two stories to share, I'm pretty new at this and don't have a whole lot of time to dedicate to writing.  So far my fanfiction has been limited to Battlestar Galactic and the movie For All Time.  

Disclaimer:  I do not own nor am I making money off of Laura Brown, Charles Lattimer, Laura Roslin or Bill Adama... or any other characters from the movie 'For All time' or Battlestar Galactica. I'm just having a little fun...  don't bother to sue cuz all I have is a run down house, and a very old and dirty dog....  But we love her.  You can't have the husband or the kids either (at least not today).

Here are my fics:


That Which Leads Us Home - Completed

Authors Note:  This story is  a sequel of sorts to the Movie 'For All time' starring Mark Harmon and Mary McDonnell.  It picks up in the second to last scene in the movie.  If you have not seen the movie you should be able to follow the story anyway as I hope (fingers crossed on that one) that I've provided enough information in the story about what happened prior to the timeline the story takes place in.   You should watch the movie though, for no other reason than it's a wonderful little movie and ..  well, Mary's in it.

In the wake of a health scare some people are forced to face their feeling and decide how to deal with them.


Nasty little Mean Girls
Okay, so school has started and I have barely had a chance to sit long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee before it becomes cold...  and I most certainly haven't had time to stay in touch here on LJ.  BUT, I am posting this little rant...  just to get it off my chest.

I love kids.  they are just so honest and innocent....

...  but sometimes they are nasty.  Especially little girls!  Not usually when they are alone, but get them in a pack and sometimes it isn't pretty.  Not all girls are like this, but the nasty ones seem to be able to seek each other out and before you know it there's a pack of them.

So Drew, my youngest, and I are standing at the bus stop today waiting for his bus.  Out of the blue he says to me.

"Krushi and Jayde won't play with me anymore."
"Oh." I say
"They said they won't be my friend anymore"
"Oh," I say again, "How come?"
"I don't know."......   short pause....  "Mommy, did I do something wrong?"

My poor little dude.  I tried to explain Mean girl syndrome to him...  without using those exact words of course...  but I don't think he got it.  He's just too wrapped up in how hurt he is because they have decided that this week was 'Hate Drew Week'.

I kept having to remind myself all day that they are just 5-year-olds and that going down to the school and pounding them will land me in jail.

I know next week will be better, this stuff blows over so fast when they are little....  but still...  aaarrrrgh!

Where's the Door
Man from Nantrakit
conversation with my 6-year-old

Owen: "So, Mommy, I grew in your tummy right?"
Me: "Yep."
Owen: "So, at one time I wasn't all put together and then my bones grew inside your belly?"
Me: "Yep."
Owen:" And then they all got put togeter and then I grew skin and then my eyes?"
Me: "Yep."
Owen:"And then I got my hair and my teeth and then I came out when I was done being made?"
Me:"Well, when you came out you didn't have any teeth, but everything else was there, yes."
Owen:"So where's the door?"

Me: *clears throat nervously*...  *then slightly stammers*  "H.. How do you mean?"
Owen: "The door.  Where did I come out?"

Me: "Perhaps this is a conversation you should have with your dad......"

I know!  I know!!!  I totally bailed on him when the tough questions came....  But!  OMG!!!!!!!

Where did the Summer Go????????
Can't believe Owen is off to school this morning. Drew starts later this week... WTF???
Where did the summer go?

Owen was really concerned that his dog would miss him now that he's gone all day so he drew her a picture and left it on the fridge so she could see it. OMG... just too cute.

Trying to figure out which bridge to jump from.....
Laura Tired
So, I've been out all day and finally made it home to watch the Kim Clijsters Tennis match on PVR......

.........  Once I'm done crying my eyes out I think I'll find a bridge to jump from

so..... How stupid can a person really be????
Okay so this weekend my sister-in-law and I spontaneously decided to drive down to Waterloo, NY to shop at the outlets.  It was more of a trip just for fun because once you pay for your hotel and gas and food for the weekend you've really comsumed all of the savings you've made by shopping at the Outlets but HEY, what the heck.  It's not like I didn't have a shit load of stuff to get for back to school so I did save a bunch of money on Clothes so at least the trip didn't cost me anything.

For those Canadians who are opposed to cross-border shopping....  I apologize.  I too, am usually not a huge fan of doing it as I believe that one should boost their OWN economy before dumping their  money into someone else's but this trip was more about getting away without the kids than actually shopping so....  *shrugs*

ANYHOOOOOOO....  that's not what this post is about.  This post is about the idiot who helped us at Best Buy.

So, we're at Best Buy looking for a case for my iphone and Dude is helping us out.  Here's the conversation...

Dude: "So where are you guys from?"
Me: "Ottawa......"  short pause while I register that he has no idea where that is "....   CANADA."
Dude: "WOW, you guys are a long way from home"
Me: "Not really.  It's only a few hours drive from here."
Dude: "So, can you guys see the Milky Way at night?"

Dead Silence.
*blink blink*

I look at Sister-in-law....  she looks at me......

Dead Silence
*blink blink*

Sister-in-law: * clears throat *....   "Ummmm,,,  so....  how much is this ipad cover????"

OMG...  I a wondering if he thought we'd made our journey down from The Great White North with a team of dogs and a sled.

I almost asked him if he graduated from high school....  but I didn't want to insult the idiot.  Although I highly doubt he was intelligent enough to understand that such a question would have been an insult.

Pet Insurance.....
Man from Nantrakit

Okay, so now it's time to think about Pet insurance...   AAARGH!

Some say it's not worth it, others swear by it.  Me?  I think that it might be a good idea for at least the first two years because Puppies tend to eat everything in sight and you never know what they'll pick up.  Also, if there are any serious issues they probably will rear their ugly head within the first 24 months so it would be nice to have insurance in place in case that happens.

So.....  to my next question:

Do any of you have pet insurance?
if so....

Would you recommend your company?  
Have any of you heard horror stories about certain Pet Insurance Companies that maybe I should know about?


Tiny insignificant Rant....
Frakkin Eh
Okay, so as most of you should know by now, I have two little boys.  They are both in half-day kindergarten; my oldest is in Senior kindergarten and my little one is in Junior kindergarten.  They are getting a little older now and are a little more self-sufficient but I am still very busy in the mornings getting them ready. 

Okay....  I have a friend.  This friend calls me all the time at exactly 8:20 AM....  right in the middle of the time when I am trying to get the boys out to meet the bus.  So if the phone rings when I'm in the middle of doing something I don't tend to answer it.  In fact, most times,  I don't even stop to check the caller ID to see who's calling.  I hate the phone, I hate being interrupted by it, and I refuse to be a slave to it.  So, if it rings at an inopportune time, I ignore it.

So  this morning she leaves me this voice mail that says....  

"HI!!  It's Me calling!.  Geese, I'm surprised I missed you.  I figured you'd be running around trying to get the boys ready for school and that you would for sure be home, so I figured it was the best time to try to catch you.  ... blah blah blah, yada yada yada....."

So..  let me get this straight:  You know that 8:20 AM is a super busy time of the morning for me so that's why you figured you'd call at that time???  CUZ, you know for sure that I'm at home because I have to get my kids ready for school at that time????

YES, I'm home....  But I'm busy you FUCKING IDIOT!!!...  which is why you got my Voice Mail!!!!!!!!

if it's important, SEND AN EMAIL!!!!!

*Deep cleansing breath*

Okay, I'm better now.

Thanks Flist

Man from Nantrakit
The Newest Member of our family...........



Her official Registered Name is "Million Dollar Baby"...  but we'll call her Millie for short.

Right now, at 8 weeks, she weighs in at 25 pounds.  She's such a little doll!

I'm gonna have heart failure!!!
Sens Mary
OMG....  I need some really REALLY good drugs to get through this one....

God I wish I was still a drinker


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